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During the organizational meeting of the EUROFUR Management Board group on the 21 September 2022 we have agreed on the plans for the 2022/2023 year. Main theme for 2022/2023: „Strong if united”  (Alcide De Gasperi)   Plans for this year’s activities: 18.10.2022 –webinar:  “Shaping international business: impact of global event 2022” Speaker: Aiste Lastauskaite, […]
We are glad to annouce that yesterday (21 July 2022) Jose Luis Zamora Manzano from the University of Las Palmas De Gran Canaria has become a full professor. Prof. Jose Luis Zamora Manzano works at the Faculty of Legal Sciences and specializes in the subject of Roman Law . He is also a lecturer in […]
At the end of 2021/2022 academic year the Management Board of EUROFUR group has met to summarize the activities of the finishing year and plan activities for the upcoming 2022/2023 year. First of all assist. Prof. Dr. H. Gökçe DEMİREL from Fırat University (Turkey) has agreed to become a member of the Management Board. Therefore […]
We are happy to invite you for the International Scientific Conference ” Smart development. Human rights as a guarantee of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” which will be held on June 24, 2022 in Budapest at Milton Friedman University. The Europe 2020 strategy assured that the economic recovery of the European Union (EU) after the […]
Ladies and Gentlemen, We are pleased to inform you that the University of Rzeszów will award the title of doctor honoris causa to professor Bronisław Sitek – head of the Scientific Board of EUROFUR Research Group. It is an extraordinary honor that the achievements of a member of our research group have been appreciated by […]
Proclamation  for Peace   We, jurists of universities from all continents, in this dark moment of the history of Humanity and Law, ask ourselves: what has happened to the achievements of legal civilization, in particular Humanitarian Law and Human Rights? One of the most important Human Rights, i.e. the Right for Peace, is not respected. […]
On the 17 March 2022 there was r a scientific seminar on local government. Title: Strengths and weaknesses of the Polish Local Self-Government in the 21st Century: Social Consultations at the Local Level Speaker: prof. Edyta Sokalska The purpose of the seminar was to present the Polish empiria concerning the creation and development of local […]
We would like to inform you that on March 25, 2022, at 10.00, the Department of Private Law at the Faculty of Law at Wisdom College University, organizes the XI International Conference on “Private Law and the importance of implementation in practice – related with the Protection of Human Rights “. This conference is organized […]
On 31 January 2022 the Management Board of Eurofur Research Group has met to talk about plans for 2022. The participants agreed on the plan for spring semester events already planned for this year: Webinar: “Strengths and weaknesses of the Polish Local Self-Government in the 21st Century: Social Consultations at the Local Level” on 17 March 2022 […]
On 28n January 2022 there was a seminar focused on law and politics speaker: Ma. Irvin Faniko Ph.D.– Wisdom University (Albania) Title: “The Ombudsman in Albania. His institutional figure and active role in the contemporary local reality” Bio of the speaker: Ma. Irvin Faniko Ph.D.– acquired Master of Law Degree from Sapienza University of Roma, […]