Principles and effects of group activities

Principles and effects of group activities 

The effect of the Research Group’s activities are conferences, lectures and publications. Each participant will define their possibilities and the way of publishing joint work. 

The research group will take patronage over all previously organized conferences. Therefore, the status of existing initiatives will not change. All activities and results of research carried out by EUROFUR members will contain a common logo. Each activity will be posted on a shared website and university’s own website. It is also recommended to post information about joint activities on the websites of all members of the Group. 

Each of the initiators of a new activity is responsible for its organization. Individual organizers inform the other members of the Research Group about the actions by mailing and posting information on the Group’s website. Organizers are required to post information on new events on the EUROFUR website. 

New initiatives, including conferences, in which representatives of the scientific community involved in the research group will participate, may be organized. 

It is possible to organize lectures on topics important from the point of view of the group’s goal with the use of remote communication devices. 

Belonging to a research group does not limit other scientific activities undertaken by members. It is planned to organize lectures on important European topics. Each member has the right to organize such a lecture, at the same time enabling the participation of scientists from other universities. Conferences and lectures may be conducted in national languages, but also in one of the conference languages, especially in English.  

Members of the EUROFUR Group sign a cooperation agreement that does not bear any legal or financial obligations. Activities within the group are voluntary. At the same time, members of the research group consent to the search for and implementation of EU programs supporting such activities.