Plans for 2022/2023

During the organizational meeting of the EUROFUR Management Board group on the 21 September 2022 we have agreed on the plans for the 2022/2023 year.

Main theme for 2022/2023: „Strong if united”  (Alcide De Gasperi)


Plans for this year’s activities:

18.10.2022 –webinar:  “Shaping international business: impact of global event 2022” Speaker: Aiste Lastauskaite,

9.11.2022 – webinar on AI and Big Data  Speaker: Arturo Danesi – Professore a Contratto at Università degli studi internazionali di Roma

30.11.2022 – Panel discussion on  Sustainable development: – circular economy – waste management: recycling in construction, electric cars, food waste, sustainable consumption – Please suggest speakers

21 April 2023 – Polish-Spanish Conference in Barcelona „Society-Family-Law. From Roman Law to current Times” organizers: SWPS University + Jaume I University_ULPGC University

27-28 April 2023 – International Conference „Social innovation and regional development” at Klaipeda University

2 June 2023 – International Scientific Conference on Human rights at Comenius University in Bratislava, organizer: WSGE Józefów


Publication of articles – opportunity to publish in the journal „Intercultural Сommunication” (ISSN – 2451-0998; e-ISSN – 2543-7461)