Webinar “Shaping international business: impact of global event 2022”

New academic year 2022/2023 has already started and we have started our scientific meetings in the new year!


On the 18 October 2022 Mrs Aiste Lastauskaite, Ph.D. Candidate, Researcher and Lecturer, Career Consultant, Leadership mentor from Klaipeda University (Lithuania) has presented some views on  “Shaping international business: impact of global event 2022”

Abstract: 2022 brought an intense mix of events in the global environment. Those events are shaping international business, bringing new challenges and opportunities.  Understanding the global environment is crucial for companies, who wish to succeed and for individuals, who want to understand personal implications.  During the presentation we target to explore in detail global highlights of 2022 and have discussion on main driving impacts.

Bio of the speaker: Aiste Lastauskaite

  • 10-years’ experience in leading roles within Engineering and Mechanical industries
  • Experience working within some of the world’s leading international Furniture and Automotive businesses
  • MBA from #1 ranking University in Japan
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering, BSc Business Management
  • Lecturer for International Business Management course

More details about the speaker: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lastauskaite/


Thank you for participation!