Webinar: „Neuromarketing and AI: what’s next?“

Summary of the Webinar: “Neuromarketing and AI: What’s Next?”

Date: 17 April 2024
Time: 17:00

Speaker: Mrs. Indrė Razbadauskaitė Venskė

Mrs. Indrė Razbadauskaitė Venskė, a distinguished lecturer, marketing mentor, and chairman of the Klaipėda LIMA council, led an enlightening webinar on the future of neuromarketing in the era of artificial intelligence. An expert in neuromarketing, brand priming, and consumer behavior, Mrs. Venskė delved into the intersections of AI and neuromarketing, exploring how advancements in technology are shaping the ways businesses understand and influence consumer behavior.

The webinar covered the latest trends and techniques in neuromarketing, emphasizing the role of AI in enhancing marketing strategies. Mrs. Venskė discussed practical applications of AI in neuromarketing, such as personalized marketing campaigns, real-time consumer data analysis, and predictive analytics. Attendees gained valuable insights into how AI can be leveraged to better understand consumer emotions, preferences, and decision-making processes.

Overall, the session provided a comprehensive overview of the potential of AI to revolutionize neuromarketing, offering attendees actionable strategies to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving marketing landscape.