“Rule of Law – Common or Double Standards” – debate

Debate “Rule of Law – Common or Double Standards” based on annual reports of the European Commission: Poland and Slovakia

The webinar, held on November 14, 2023, featured a thought-provoking debate on the topic “Rule of Law – Common or Double Standards” based on the annual reports of the European Commission concerning Poland and Slovakia.

Prof. Maciej Serowaniec’s Insights: Prof. Serowaniec emphasized the dogmatic significance of the “Rule of Law.” He highlighted the current distortion of this principle, noting that it is often exploited as a pretext for accusing states and authorities. Due to the absence of a legal definition of the Rule of Law, it is interpreted broadly and imprecisely. Prof. Serowaniec argued that the essence of the Rule of Law should revolve around citizens’ trust in the state and the enactment of fair legislation. He underscored the need for a more precise understanding of this concept.

Prof. Branislav Fabry’s Insights: Prof. Fabry focused on the practical aspects of violating the Rule of Law through accusations, sometimes unjust or unconfirmed, of corruption. He pointed out the role of cyber oligarchs in disrupting global order. Prof. Fabry shed light on the challenges posed by these entities and their impact on the Rule of Law. His insights delved into the complexities of addressing corruption allegations and the broader implications of such accusations on the principles of justice.

The debate provided a comprehensive view of the challenges and nuances surrounding the Rule of Law in both Poland and Slovakia. The speakers’ perspectives underscored the importance of clarifying and strengthening the understanding and application of this fundamental principle to ensure justice, trust, and fairness in the legal systems of the respective countries. In the debate, representatives from Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Albania, and Italy participated.