Invitation for Human Rights Conference

We are honored to invite you to the International Scientific Conference “DIGITAL WELL-BEING – as an expression of concern for the quality of life”, which will be held on June 9, 2023 in Bari (Italy).

Technology is ubiquitous and evolving very quickly. It gives us access to countless amounts of information, ways to collaborate and communicate. We spend more and more time online, but is this time used effectively? How does technology affect interpersonal relationships?

The answers to these questions can be sought by considering the concept of digital balance.

Digital well-being is about creating and maintaining a healthy approach to technology. It is a focus on development and reaping benefits, not on the use itself, which distracts and interferes with the achievement of goals. More conscious use of technology will allow you to reap all the benefits associated with it: increasing concentration and engagement, establishing and maintaining contact with the people around us.

Digital transformation, apart from undeniably great benefits and opportunities, carries a risk in the event of improper use of technology, e.g. abuse of cyberspace by teenagers: peer pressure, cyberbullying, excessive sharing of personal data, mental health disorders in the form of e.g. addiction. People are divided into online and offline – digitally excluded.

While there is an ongoing debate about who and to what extent is responsible for regulating the online space, higher education institutions and the wider education sector have a role to play in preparing students to manage their online lives, both to ensure their well-being and to ensure that they have the digital competences required for future professional success.

The organizers wish to organize an interdisciplinary debate on digital well-being – can it be achieved? Who and what role plays in this process? The aim of the conference is a positive approach to the problem – reflection on the phenomenon of digital balance in connection with human rights.

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