Invitation for Human Rights Conference

We are happy to invite you for the International Scientific Conference ” Smart development. Human rights as a guarantee of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” which will be held on June 24, 2022 in Budapest at Milton Friedman University.

The Europe 2020 strategy assured that the economic recovery of the European Union (EU) after the economic and financial crisis would be supported by a series of reforms to create a solid basis for growth and job creation by 2020. The strategy addresses the structural weaknesses of the European economy and social issues, while at the same time addressing long-term problems such as globalization, increasing demand for scarce resources and an aging population. In this perspective human rights play an extremely important role as the development is not possible without respecting them. In the age of globalization and computerization, the rights related to the collective needs of a human being, especially the need to assure group security, the need to belonging (to a group) or the need to esteem, take on significant importance. ICT tools have become the basis for intelligent development, which pace of development is increasing. However, its level may raise questions about a place of a human being in the world? What is this intelligent development for? Will the too fast technical and cultural changes and robotization of human life result in creating huge areas of exclusion? The aim of the conference is a positive approach to the problem – the reflection on the phenomenon of intelligent development in connection with human rights.

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